Smart Mommy Yoga Baby is a must take class for new parents and their infants. A cutting edge education for parents and an enriching experience for baby.


Smart Mommy Yoga Baby is a 10-week class series designed for babies 5 weeks to pre-crawling. Parents have fun with your baby while learning infant massage, sign language, baby yoga, child development, problem prevention, and so much more.  Come, discover, and become the smartest mommy on the block!

Program Curriculum:


Take-Home Enrichment Ideas for Mommy & Baby:


Classes are lead by developmental specialist Dr. Rachel Canterino.  Rachel is a pediatric physical therapist who has been working in homes with families and their babies for over 10-years. She has additional certifications in infant massage, sign, nutrition, and children’s yoga, as well as being a mom of two small children of her own.  Rachel is qualified to answer many of your developmental questions and dedicated to helping families help their babies! 


Some Themes Include: Soothing & Sleep, Baby’s Body, Family & Love, Kindness & Manners, Meal Time & Nutrition, Colors of Nature, Rhythm & Rhyme, Counting in Action…


Some Topics Covered: Soothing &Sleep, Baby Equipment Do’s & Don’ts, Open Cup-Sippy Cup-Straw Cup oh my, Why Crawl Before You Walk?, Chemical Cautions, What is Going in Baby’s Mouth? Communication Do’s & Don’ts, Prevent a Flat Head…